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Kyla's goal: When you log off of a therapy session with her, you feel better than when you logged into the therapy session. Kyla wants you to log off from sessions feeling heard and seen and as if you were able to set down the heavy bags you may have been carrying around for a long time. Kyla wants to give you space to reflect and sort out your feelings. When life feels overwhelming, cloudy or confusing, Kyla wants you to find clarity, figure out where to start, and eventually she wants you to be able to improve your quality of life and your relationships.

Kyla understands that people are shaped by their communities, culture and their relationships. Kyla is well versed in working with serving BIPOC communities, Adoption/Foster Care communities, Elder communities, Mentally/Physically challenged communities, and ELL/ESL and Immigrant communities.
At Elevate Counseling Center, Kyla specializes in relationship therapy. From the comfort of your home, you can log in from anywhere in Minnesota and get encouragement, support and tools to help help you improve your relationship with family members, significant others, roommates, friends. Your relationships impact your mental health and your mental health impacts your relationships.

"Together we will face what burdens you and find solutions that leave you feeling strong, healthy, and confident." -Kyla Reinholdson

Kyla Reinholdson, MA
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Relationship Issues

Virtual Therapy From your Home

Immigrant Communities

Adoption/ Foster Care Communities

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