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New To Therapy? No Worries.

People who get the most out of therapy often spend time between sessions reflecting on what is working well in their lives and what areas feel stuck. They come to therapy with an open mind and prepared to talk and leave therapy prepared to work. Successful outcomes are achieved when people continue their healing journey between therapy sessions.

No, unfortunately our providers are only licensed in the state of Minnesota. In fact, you have to be in Minnesota to receive services. If you live in Minnesota and are traveling out of state, you will not be able to attend virtual sessions. If you are in a mental health crisis and have a therapist at Elevate Counseling Center, please contact your therapist to discuss your options.

Yes, we offer all clients a free 30 minute consultation. Here’s how you get started:

  1. The first step is to select a therapist. 
  1. If you are hoping to use insurance benefits, please verify that the therapist you choose is in network with your insurance company. There are some options available to those whose insurance company’s are out of network. Please read more on the insurance and fees page. 
  1. Contact Elevate Center via email: or call 763-600-7572 to set up an initial appointment
  1. A therapist will get back to you to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. This is a chance for you to share a bit about yourself and what you are hoping to address in therapy. You can ask questions and get a feel for if this therapist would be a good fit for you. Before the appointment there will be a few forms to fill out online to provide a little more information about yourself. There is no pressure or obligation to start therapy after a free consultation.
  1. After attending the initial consultation you can make a decision about beginning therapy and if so, we can help you get started.

Typical sessions last 55 minutes. Some of our providers are trained in brief therapeutic approaches that are targeted at a specific issue and last about 8-12 weekly sessions.  If your situation is more complex, or you feel more comfortable with a long term therapeutic relationship, we can collaborate on a treatment plan and length that fits you and your situation. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job so that you can graduate from therapy and move forward with your life.

Insurance companies will cover psychotherapy if the sessions are billed under an approved diagnostic code. There needs to be a mental health diagnosis that your therapy is treating. Your Elevate therapist will assess your symptoms through a variety of questionnaires and clinical interviews and if appropriate, provide a diagnosis. For couple’s therapy, one person in the couple must have a mental health diagnosis in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. Your insurance coverage depends on your particular plan and whether or not Elevate Counseling Center is in network with your insurance company. Please see insurance and fees for more information.

Contact us for a complimentary benefits check. We can provide you with the information we discover.

Depending on the clinician, we are in-network with the following insurance companies: 

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • First Health Network
  • Health Partners

Check out our Insurance and Fees Page for more details.

Contact us to find out if it is something we can help you with. If we can’t help you, we can provide referrals for other services in the area.

Did you know the ratio of their body weight to wingspan should make it nearly impossible to fly. But they do anyway.


Hummingbirds are unique in their ability to fly backwards. Adaptability and flexibility at it’s finest.


Humming birds pass on the worms and instead are attracted to nectar. 


Therapy is about discovering ways to overcome, adapt, and seek the sweetness of life. It’s also about taking flight and getting an elevated, birds eye perspective on your life. The hummingbird metaphor represents our aspirations and values at Elevate Counseling Center.

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