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ADHD Relationship Counseling

“ADHD Couples” are couples in which at least one partner struggles with symptoms of ADHD; such as poor time management, disorganization, scattered thoughts, inattention and impulsive behaviors. Many treatments are aimed at treating individuals who have attention problems but they neglect to address how these attention problems can impact their relationships. ADHD Relationship Counseling is a unique type of marriage therapy that focuses on helping couples relate and connect more deeply with each other despite the presence of ADHD symptoms.

People with ADHD are often intelligent, creative, spontaneous, big picture people, but when it comes to managing the details of everyday life, they may feel overwhelmed, or painfully underwhelmed.

ADHD couples often face unique relationship challenges. The non-ADHD partner might feel chronic stress of having to take care of the details, and may feel they are forced to serve a “parent” role with their intimate partner.

The ADHD partner may be stuck in cycles of shame or the feeling they are not achieving their potential or goals. Try as they may, ADHD will still take a toll on the relationship. ADHD researchers and authors Gina Pera and Arthur Robin say,

“Many [Adults with ADHD]…want happier relationships, but they often can’t follow through on the myriad details required to make that happen. If “trying harder” were a solution, most of these adults would have surmounted their hurdles years ago.” (Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy; Clinical Interventions)

ADHD Relationship Counseling isn’t about “fixing” your partner, it’s about finding ways to maximize each other’s strengths. Counseling can provide an opportunity for you to create new communication habits and new ways of interacting that build deeper and more fulfilling connections.

Adult ADHD

Individual ADHD Counseling

For Individuals with ADHD who are not looking for couples counseling, we offer individual therapy that addresses the ways in which ADHD can impact self confidence and motivation. Sometimes people with ADHD struggle with negative messages they receive about their value or performance based not on who they are, but on their ADHD symptoms. Individual ADHD counseling can focus on minimizing the negative impacts of these messages as well as finding solutions to ADHD problems.

Please note: Elevate Counseling Center therapists cannot conduct ADHD testing or neuropsychological evaluations, nor can they prescribe medications. We are not ADHD coaches who offers tricks and tips, but rather a therapists who is focused on healing the emotional and relational issues that arise as a result of ADHD.  

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